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Voice Bubbles for iPad has been withdrawn temporarily from the app store, while it is transferred to OKIDO media.

OKIDO, who share our values, will be updating the app and ensuring functionality in iOS9 and beyond.

Email us if you want to know when it is re-released, with beautiful upgrades.

If you have it installed on an iPad running iOS7 or 8: 

Voice Bubbles for iPad works very well on most iPads operating with iOS7 or 8. However, VB may crash if: your iPad is an older model; if your operating system has not been updated; if your iPad’s live memory is getting too full; or if you’re getting close to capacity on the number of apps you have installed. We can’t control this, as individual apps can’t compensate for these realities. If you experience crashes for any other reason, please email us directly and we will investigate.

Also, a number of parents have reported problems to us that were resolved after parents better understood Apple’s parental controls. If you turn on parental controls, you may have disabled a part of the screen. Check this – it is likely it is not the app that is the problem!

Voice Bubbles is provided free to the public  thanks to generous funding from our partners. Help us make it better by emailing us with your suggestions for improvement!

What’s the best way to enjoy Voice Bubbles? We really like it on iPad 3, 4 and Air with iOS7 or above. We really love it on our older iPad devices too (iPad 2), even with the older iOS6: though, it’s always good to close some other apps you’re not using (and even restart the iPad on a regular basis), in case your other apps interrupt your recordings.

How do I make a Bubble?
Go to Bubbles Mode (the icon on the left), then hold your finger down and make some sound. Keep touching and voicing to make your bubble grow

How can I undo what I did?
You easily can pop a bubble. Navigate to the Edit icon (it looks like a wheel), then choose “Pop a Bubble” – if you really feel like starting over again, choose “Pop all Bubbles”

How do I change the sound of my Bubbles?
Go to the Transform Mode (choose the paintbrush icon), and select the Bubble you want to transform. We’ve made it easier for you, by automatically selecting the most recent bubble you recorded, but you can easily select another one.

The Bubble I want to change is behind some others. How do I get to it?
It’s easy to move bubbles around – just tap and hold any bubbles, and drag them somewhere else on the screen. This will help you move the others, so you can get to the bubble you want.

I like a bubble I made, but want to hear it with different kinds of effects on it. How do I do it?
Go the Arrange Mode (the icon is 9 dots in a square), and split a bubble by tapping it, and splitting your fingers open. Make as many as you like (the most you can have is 35 bubbles), then go back to Transform Mode to change the effects on each different version.

I’m looking for things to do. Got any?
Lots! Wherever you are in Voice Bubbles, tap the lightbulb icon to discover more fun activities you can do.

Sometimes I forget what each Mode does. 
No problem. You can easily find instructions for the section your are using, by tapping the question mark in the bottom navigation bar.

I can’t hear anything!
Make sure you have the volume turned up on your iPad – and check in Arrange Mode, that you have the volume slider turned up there too 🙂

My app randomly played a sound and I didn’t touch it!
That’s what it does 🙂 In Bubbles Mode, you can just sit back and it will select bubbles to play for you.

It isn’t playing sound and I’m not touching it!
That’s fine – you will only hear random playback in Bubbles Mode. In the Transform and Arrange Modes, the app is waiting for you to do something


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