What happens

Queen Victor the Fabulous draws you inside her mysterious, tented kingdom. Bobolo and Big Mouth invite you into their fizzing and bubbling world.

You play with clicking and clacking and tipping and tapping with the tip of the tongue. Using your whole body, you capture and change, and you twist and turn your own sound.

You create a windstorm, howl with wolves, chirp with baby crocs, and imitate sounds from around the world. You cast your own spells. You fill and shake bubbles, you stoke up a campfire, you create a dance party, and your voice makes a tornado!

The microphone is all yours!

What can your voice do? How does it do it? Join us for a romp around the world of your own voice like you’ve never heard it – or used it – or enjoyed it – before,  in a world where a new vocal discovery and a new vocal sound wait around every corner.

Uluzuzulalia is ideal for children aged 6 to 11 and their adults.

Enjoy our iPad app in addition to Uluzuzulalia. 

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