Who made Voice Trunk

The Voice Trunk is being worked on by a diverse interdisciplinary team.


Artistic Director: Yvon Bonenfant

Yvon is the creative mind and body behind this project. You can learn more about him here.

Designer: Ali Maclaurin

Ali trained in theatre design in Edinburgh and Croydon and has been designing and teaching for nearly thirty years. She has specialised in work for and with young people, as resident designer with Belgrade Theatre in Education Company, for Scottish Opera with BabyO and other projects, and in countless different contexts over the years. She aspires to create atmospheric theatrical worlds and is inspired by working collaboratively to do this. www.alimaclaurin.com

Computer artist: Kingsley Ash

Kingsley Ash is a MAX/MSP/Jitter audiovisual specialist, composer and installation maker, with a wide portfolio of work ranging from work in the pop music sector through to European and international interactive art projects. http://kingsleyash.com/research.html

Design partners, build studio: Windsor Workshop

We will be working with Windsor Workshop Ltd to develop this project. See their portfolio.

Acoustics Consultants: Arup Acoustics

We are delighted to be working with the UK’s premier acoustics consultancy, Arup Acoustics, on this project. See their profile.

Hosts: The Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

We are delighted to be collaborating directly with Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium, who will be hosting this project and are involved in the design process.