Your sounds

The menus below lead to useful educational weblinks. These are also referred to in the education packs. 


Children's Voices

These resources can be used in class to point children to interesting complementary material about the voice itself.

WHERE YOUR VOCAL FOLDS ARE Click here to let Emma breathe and find out more about the respiratory system.

WHAT IS BEATBOXING? Click here to learn how to  use the words DOG, CAT, and BEAR to make your very own beat!

MAKE YOUR OWN BEATBOX BEAT! Play this game and put together a song!

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOUR VOICE CHANGES Here is some more information about the larynx.

YOUR VOICE DOES A LOT WHEN YOU SING! Look! Here is a useful website with many more activities and learning possibilities!

Children's vocal bodies

These resources either expand on the detail of vocal anatomy or link it through to other anatomical explorations.

HOW TERRIFIC YOUR TONGUE IS Click here to explore some facts and see what you can do with your tongue!

ALL THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF YOUR TONGUE Click here to discover your tongue in this video about its functions!

YOUR TONGUE TRAVELS FAR AROUND YOUR MOUTH Click here to watch this woman’s tongue while she sings and speaks!

HOW YOUR EARS WORK? Hear’ is how!

HOW YOUR LUNGS WORK Take a deep breath as we tour the lungs and their functions in this video.

HOW TO BUILD A LUNG Here is a simple way to make your own!

ALL THE FUNCTIONS OF YOUR LUNGS With this site figure out how the lungs do all that they do.

HOW THE RESPIRATORY SYSTEM WORKS Click on your grade and find out!


Animal vocal bodies

These resources make a space for children to satiate their curiosity about animal sounds.

THE LION HAS AN EXTRA MUSCLE TO ROAR Click here to play this game and see animals from the inside out!

FROGS CROAK IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES Click here and see how many you can learn!


WHAT DOES THE VOICE BOX OF A BIRD LOOK LIKE? See it here, and find out how a bird’s brain processes sound!

WHAT A PARAKEET LOOKS LIKE WHEN IT MAKES SOUNDS Click here and look at this little monk parakeet squeak!

PARAKEETS CAN SCREAM AS WELL AS SING Check out here the range of different sounds this budgie can make.

THERE ARE MANY DIFFERENT BIRD SONGS Click here and see how many you can imitate!

WOLVES HOWL DIFFERENTLY IN MANY SITUATIONS Here are some example’s of the different howls of wolves.

BONOBO MONKEYS MAKE MANY DIFFERENT SOUNDS Here are a few videos with just a few examples.